Smart Button is a simply designed button, but it is so much more! A small device but with great potential to achieve different functionalities which are now just a click away.

Now you can do small achievements like order a grocery item, switch on the light, switch off your air conditioner or even take a selfie using this small button or we can try bigger things like just click on the button and it sends a message to someone close in case or emergency or configure your security system on the button application and secure your entire home with ‘’Just a Click”!


The tracker device is a tracking solution which uses location of Wi-Fi & Sigfox to determine location points. No need of GPS!

We have all seen how much our phone batteries get drained when we switch on the GPS, since this device does not use GPSbut Sigfox’s network which is low power and its own geolocationAPI, the tracker’s battery is going to last longer than any otherGPS enabled tracking device.

Whether you wish to use the tracker for personal uses like tracking your child, pet even an elderly person or use it for industrial purposes such as logistics cargo tracking, it will be useful in all these scenarios.

The tracker is a global product.
It can track anything that is moving!!