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Ensuring Safety and Efficiency of Valuable Physical Assets

Chipwire puts you in control of your assets by providing an end to end, global tracking and monitoring solution bundle of connected devices and cloud platform.


Track and monitor location, condition, movement and handling of assets with our connected devices.


Get real time data, keep an eye on asset status and route through our cloud platform.


Use information gathered to create actionable insights to optimize business operations.


An End to End Asset Tracking and Monitoring Solution

Chipwire puts you in control of assets by Intelligent Data Extraction from the edge Devices and reporting only what makes sense for efficient monitoring of assets

  • Sigfox/WiFi/BLE enabled
  • Target’s around +35 use cases
  • Simple and Quick to install
  • Multiple battery options, typical battery life of 7-10 years.
  • Detects specific movements patterns and environmental parameters
  • Configurable on the fly with Over the Air service.
  • Monitor fleet distribution across the route
  • Monitor container status (in factory, in transit, at supplier)
  • Alerts and Events (lost, delay, out of action)
  • Insights and foresights to help increase efficiency like
  • Arrival Accuracy
  • Utilization
  • Handling Time and Costs
  • Inventory

What do you want to track and monitor?

Shipments & Containers

Workforce Management

Logistics and Warehousing

Returnable Pallets

Trucks and Containers

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